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Last updated: 28/05/2019 12:35:04

Enterprise users can define their own address search. This feature is very powerful allowing administrator's to design custom searches that can be applied to different maps. The search support result categorisation allowing for easy handling of thousands of results.

Navigate to the Admin section of the site and choose Search Management. 


You will be presented with the available address searches on your account.  Click the 'Add Custom Search'  button.

This will open a form allowing the user to define their custom search. Users must choose an existing database connection. This can be created in the external data tool. Within the form there are a number of selections to be made:

  • Set the search name for easy identification later
  • Choose Database schema
  • Choose table to search
  • Select columns to search 
  • Select columns to return - the first column selected will be the primary column displayed in the search result, other columns returned will be displayed with less prominence
  • Select order by columns
  • Select an optional category column - display your results in categories
  • Select geometry column (auto selected)
  • Select primary key column (auto selected)
  • Click 'Save'  when you are happy with your choices

The newly created custom search will appear in the Address search list. Custom searches can be edited or deleted at any time.