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Last updated: 06/06/2018 22:25:39

1. To get started select the Create New Layer button either on the data catalog

  or on the map in the layer treeview admin button

2. Select New Layer for the Create Layer popup.

This will load the Add New Layer  window.

3. Enter Layer details

Define your layer settings, options are:

Layer Name - AlphaNumeric only and must start with a letter

Layer Description - Text description of layer (Optional) 

Layer Type - Choose Azimap Layer (other types are available but not part of this guide)

Coordinate System ID - Projection system of the data (defaults to web mercator)

Connection Type - read write for editing capabilities

Select Feature Type - Point, Line or Polygon

Layer Style - Default styling for the layer, this is styling applied to the layer when added to  a map. It can be easily configured on a map by map basis

Active - Whether the layer is active within the application

Complete you desired details and click Save.

After Saving the layer you will be able to add attributes if desired, by default all layers created will have an Azi_ID field and a geometry.

4. Add Attributes

Click Add Attribute.

Give it a new name (name must start with a letter)

Available data types for columns are:

boolean - true/ false

date - date/ date and time values

geometry - spatial data type

integer - whole numbers

real - decimal numbers

text - strings or varchar

Click Add

Any attribute can be edited or deleted (excluding required columns, ID and THE_GEOM)

4. Save layer

Click View On Map button to create a new map and add the layer to it. Otherwise close the window and your new layer is available in the rest of the application.