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Last updated: 06/09/2021 13:53:35

This guide will take you through the steps to take to share maps with user's outside of Azimap.

Time to complete:  5 mins


1.    Getting started

2.    Share options

3.    Public

4:    Specified link

1. Getting started

To get started select the Change Privacy option  in the map edit menu

2. Share Options

Private: Maps is only accessible to administrators/ logged in users

Public: Maps are available to all users on a network with supplied share links

Timed link: Generate time bound links to share maps with individuals for a period of time (1day to forever) These maps are only accessible using an encrypted key generated in the app which you share with your external user.

3. Public

Use the share link to share your maps easily.

Use the embed link to place your map in another webpage as an iframe.

4. Timed link

Select Timed link option and click on  View /Create share links  button

View your existing share links and create new ones. To create a new one click on New

Choose an expiry date, it must be at least 1 day into the future

No expiry date creates links that will not expire

Give your link an identifier to easily access links in the future

Click Save

A popup will appear with the newly created link. Copy link and click Ok

The new link will now be available in your link list. From this list you can:

  • Edit - click the link name to change timed settings
  • Copy - click the copy icon to copy the link
  • Delete - click the delete icon to delete the link

After creating your desired links Click Previous to return to the main privacy menu

Make sure to Save the enable the time link functionality

Share you link with confidence that only those you give the code/ link to will be able to access the map.

If you haven't signed up yet go to the Azimap website and click REGISTER.