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Last updated: 23/11/2020 10:40:27

Configure Layer Access For Active Directory Users

This is an option for users at Enterprise level of active directory-enabled site-installs only.  This option will allow you to configure map access in your organisation.
Time to complete: 5 mins


1.  Getting started
2.  Configuring layer access

1.    Getting started

To get started, navigate to the DATA CATALOG and click on the EDIT CONFIGURATION button beside the layer you wish to configure access for.

This will take you to the LAYER CONFIGURATION screen. Now click on the ACCESS CONFIGURATION button.

2.    Configuring layer access

You will now be presented with the LAYER ACCESS CONFIGURATION screen.

a)    Select a role you wish to view.  A list of users that have this role will then be displayed on the right.

b)    Select the users you want to give access to.

c)    Click SAVE to apply changes.

Access to your layer has now been configured.