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Last updated: 02/06/2021 11:36:59

Proximity Searching

Azimap allows several ways to analyse your data, one of the simplest being the proximity search tool.  It’s an easy search to run and can be used for so many purposes, for example, planning purposes. It can tell you what lies beside a certain feature within a given radius. e.g. Certain roadworks or building projects mightn’t be allowed to take place within a certain distance from a school, electricity, sewer, road, etc.

This guide will take you through how to get started with your proximity search and generate a report.


1.    Activate your proximity search

2.    Generate a report

1.    Activate your proximity search

To find the PROXIMITY SEARCH button, first click the ANALYSIS button on the toolbar.

From the menu, choose the QUICK ANALYSIS option.

In the next sub-menu, choose PROXIMITY SEARCH.

A pop-up analysis window will appear on the right of your screen.  Use the pointer button on the bottom right to select the location to centre your buffer radius.  When selecting a feature, the buffer will be conducted from the centre point of that feature.

You can then input the details of your proximity search and press the PERFORM ANALYSIS button.

When you press the PERFORM ANALYSIS button, it pulls up your report like below.

2.    Generate a report

Clicking PERFORM ANALYSIS will conduct a proximity search for the radius chosen for all visible layers (turn on or off at layer control) with the data available in a tabbed data view at the bottom of the map.

Users can then download the report as tabbed Excel document (one tab for each layer searched)

An example Excel sheet for the above analysis is available at the link.

Thanks for reading and if you haven't yet tried Azimap please go to the website and press REGISTER.