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How to Import a Shape File and Create a Styled Thematic Choropleth Map

Choropleth maps show linked data as colours. They are shaded in using one colour, where the darker shades represent high numbers and the lighter shades represent low numbers. A choropleth map needs a key to explain what the different shades mean.  They differ from a heatmap because the shading occurs within geographic boundaries, whereas a heatmap doesn’t utilise boundary information.

In this guide we’ll show you how to import a shape file and create a styled thematic choropleth map in just a few clicks. We’ll use a working example, using this Kilcullen Shp file.

Time to complete: 10 mins.


1.    Getting started

1.1  Download files

1.2  Import layer

1.3  Create map

2.    Styling your new map

2.1  Create new style

2.2  Configure thematic style

2.3  Apply style to map

1.    Getting started

1.1.  Download files

Download the required files:  Kilcullen Shp file

1.2.  Import layer

Login to your account and navigate to the DATA CATALOG page.

Click CREATE DATASET button.

This will automatically bring you to the first step of the CREATE DATASETS wizard.

Choose IMPORT LAYER from the options, then press the NEXT button.


Selected the files or drag and drop onto the IMPORT window

All of the settings will be automagically set based on the internal details of the shape file:

These options are:

  • Projection
  • Desired layer name

Select SAVE and wait for completion (should take a few seconds).

1.3.  Create map

Upon successful import, a button appears which short-cuts adding the layer to a map (it automatically creates a map for the layer).

2.    Styling your map

2.1.  Create new style

Your new map will have the default style applied - To edit the style click on the legend icon in the layer tree in the top right of the map (circled in red above).

In the styler wizard select the NEW STYLE button, choose a name for your style and click save.

Select POLYGON THEMATIC STYLING from the ADD menu.  

2.2.  Configure thematic style

Select the attribute to style the map on from the ATTRIBUTE drop down (for this layer choose zone_orig (this is the planning classifications for the dataset):

  • Choose your colour scheme using the EDIT button - Choose from the presets (I chose green to red) or select REFINE to set your own.
  • You can set opacity and stroke options in tab 1 (setup).
  • Tab 2 (data range) allows you to set individual colours for each entry.

Click the 'OK' button and you will be presented with the auto-generated rules for the thematic map. Each of the generated rules can be clicked to edit individual settings (but we don't need to for this guide).

Click SAVE button to apply the style to the layer

2.3.  Apply style to map

Select YES to overwrite.

That's it - Thematic map created in minutes.

If you haven't signed up yet go to the Azimap website and click REGISTER.

Enjoy your new maps and thanks for reading the guide.